A Survey of QoS Routing Algorithms



There is an obvious need for Quality of Service (QoS) on the Internet and QoS routing is an important component of the overall QoS framework. The role of a QoS routing strategy is to compute paths that are suitable for the different types of traffic generated by the various applications, while maximizing the utilization of network resources. The fulfilment of these objectives requires the development of algorithms that find multi-constrained paths taking into consideration the state of the network and the traffic requirements, namely, considering its needs in terms of delay, jitter, loss rate and available bandwidth. However, the problem of finding multi-constrained paths has high computational complexity, and thus there is the need to use algorithms that address this difficulty. This paper presents and discusses the main approaches used to reduce QoS routing algorithm complexity and to improve the overall network performance.


QoS routing


QoS routing

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International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT2004), December 2004

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