Global Checkpointing for Distributed Programs



This paper presents a novel algorithm for checkpointing and rollback recovery in distributed systems. Processes belonging to the same program must take periodically a nonblocking
coordinated global checkpoint, but only a minimum overhead is imposed during normal computation. Messages can be delivered out-of-order, and the processes are not required to be deterministic. The non-blocking structure is an important characteristic to avoid laying an heavy burden on the application programs.
Our proposal also includes the damage assessment phase, unlike previous schemes that either assume that an error is detected immediately after it occurs (fail-stop) or simply ignore
the damage caused by imperfect detection mechanisms. We present a possible way to evaluate the error detection latency, which enables us to assess the damage made, and avoid the propagation of errors.




IEEE 11th Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems SRDS-11, October 1992

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