30th May 22

AIDA Webinar Series | Webinar #4: Protecting the Security of the AIDA platform and the Privacy of its Data

On Wednesday, June 8th, at 3 p.m. (UTC+1) will take place the fourth webinar of the "AIDA Webinar Series I Improving 5G Risk Management", an initiative promoted by the AIDA project and CMU Portugal Program.

We invite you to attend the "Webinar #4 I Protecting the Security of the AIDA platform and the Privacy of its Data" and be part of this exciting discussion that will be hosted by Cláudia Brito, INESC TEC and UMinho, and José Flora, University of Coimbra, with moderation by Justine Sherry, Carnegie Mellon University.

Summary: Software is not perfect, therefore it is expected that attacks may happen. AIDA is no exception, needing attention in this field, both for the security of the platform as for the privacy of the data subject whose data is being exposed and/or used. To achieve that, AIDA will be using state of the art security mechanisms, studied, and evaluated by the researchers of the project team, taking into account the new risks that rise from the migration to an Edge architecture and the employment of 5G.
This webinar has the main goal of presenting and explaining these issues within the AIDA platform, but also explain mechanisms of intrusion detection and tolerance used, as well as for monitoring and adaptation of the platform. Furthermore, it will also address how secure communications were achieved, never forgetting the privacy of the data subject and secure processing.

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