Internal Organisation

The Centre includes a total of 150 integrated researchers, 73 with PhD, organized in 6 research groups:

Cognitive and Media Systems (CMS)

Group Leader

Penousal Machado

Adaptive Computation (AC)

Group Leader

Alberto Cardoso

Software and Systems Engineering (SSE)

Group Leader

Nuno Laranjeiro

Networks, Communications and Security (NCS)

Group Leader

Vasco Pereira

Information Systems (IS)

Group Leader

Licínio Roque

bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence (bAI)

Group Leader

Nuno Lourenço

Thematic Strands

To promote cohesion, gain critical mass, and foster inter-group synergies, the groups cluster into 3 thematic strands: Resilient Software and Internet Services, which focuses on internet architectures and technologies, cloud infrastructures and software services, and service oriented architectures; Intelligent Systems, which concerns the research and development of computational methodologies and algorithms for search, optimization, learning, visualization, and modeling; Human-Centric Computing, encompasses computer-enabled, individual and social phenomena, leading to new emergent extensions of human capabilities and organizational models.

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