1st Apr 21 - 30th Jun 21

KYKLOS4.0 - Open Call #1

The KYKLOS4.0 Open Call #1 is looking for SME-led consortia of up to three entities to submit project proposals for the development of innovative solutions to improve digital manufacturing processes. Proposed solutions – to be delivered through experiments – should demonstrate a high innovation potential and be ready to explore commercialisation opportunities by the end of the experiment period. As part of the experiment, the solution must be validated and demonstrated in a pilot location, which should be provided by one of the applicant’s consortium partners.
Each selected project will be funded with up to €150.000 (for consortia of three entities).
The KYKLOS4.0 Open Call #1 will prioritise the experiments that are able to demonstrate the impact of the KYKLOS 4.0 approach* for a broad set of industrial users. Furthermore, experiments should clearly demonstrate the role of the circular economy within the manufacturing domain in their activities, in combination to the innovation management process.
The experiments should be implemented over a period of six months, divided into three stages: Planning (1 month), Implementation (3- 4 months), and Commercialisation & Business Sustainability (1-2 months).

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