Short Bio

João Correia is an Assistant Professor at the University of Coimbra, a researcher of the Computational Design and Visualization Lab. and a member of the Evolutionary and Complex Systems (ECOS) of the Centre for Informatics and Systems of the same university. He holds a PhD in Information Science and Technology from the University of Coimbra and an MSc and BS in Informatics Engineering from the same university. His main research interests include Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, Adversarial Learning, Computer Vision and Computational Creativity. He is involved in different international program committees of international conferences in the areas of Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Art and Computational Creativity, and he is a reviewer for various conferences and journals for the mentioned areas, namely GECCO and EvoStar, served as remote reviewer for the European Research Council Grants and is an executive board member of SPECIES. He was also the publicity chair and chair of the International Conference of Evolutionary Art Music and Design conference, currently the publicity chair for EvoStar - The Leading European Event on Bio-Inspired Computation and chair of EvoApplications, the International Conference on the Applications of Evolutionary Computation. Furthermore, he has authored and co-authored several articles on artificial intelligence and evolutionary computation at different international conferences and journals. He is involved in national and international projects concerning Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, Generative Models, Computational Creativity and Data Science.

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