Short Bio

Saad Mujahid Khan, an accomplished researcher and scholar in the field of Computer Systems Engineering and Software Engineering. Saad holds a BSc in Computer Systems Engineering, which he earned in 2012 from the Mirpur University of Science and Technology in Pakistan. He further pursued his academic endeavors and attained an MSc degree in Software Engineering from Abasyn University, Pakistan, in 2018. Saad's research interests lie in the domains of Security and Privacy of Internet of Things (IoT), Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms, and Industrial IoT Systems. With a keen focus on these areas, he has been actively involved in investigating and addressing the challenges and complexities associated with ensuring the security and privacy of IoT devices and systems. His expertise in developing robust security frameworks and implementing lightweight cryptographic algorithms sets him apart in the field. Currently, Saad is pursuing his PhD degree at the University of Coimbra, located in Portugal, where he is affiliated with the esteemed research group of Communication and Telematics. As part of his doctoral studies, Saad is engaged in cutting-edge research, pushing the boundaries of knowledge in his field and contributing to advancements in secure communication and networking protocols.

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