9th Dec 20

Processing Community Day @ Coimbra 2020


The 1st Processing Community Day @ Coimbra will take place on the 9th of December, fully online. It will include:

  • Keynote Session
  • Short Presentation Session
  • Workshop on p5.js

Check the program and register for the event at:

The Processing Community Day initiative is supported by the Processing Foundation and has the goal of fostering programming and creative coding as tools among students, researchers and professionals. PCD@Coimbra aims at being a showcase for what is currently being developed in Portugal and also a place for stimulating discussion and initiating future collaborations.

The Processing Community Day @ Coimbra 2020 includes a poster exhibition on the theme "25" (the number 25), in which all posters were produced using code. The exhibition takes place online and the posters will be gradually released from November 10 to December 8.

The event is supported by the Department of Informatics Engineering, being part of the commemorations of its 25th anniversary.

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