Research Integrity

The Research Integrity Advisory Group (RIAG) of the CISUC has the mission of clarifying, discussing, and advising on all aspects of research integrity, promoting good practice and preventing misconduct. We are committed to providing confidential, objective, and non-judgmental support.

Why Research Integrity 

  • Maintaining public trust in research
  • Ensuring the validity and reliability of research findings
  • Promoting a fair and ethical research environment
  • Protecting the rights of participants and research subjects

What we do

  • Online Platform - We keep a permanently updated platform with information and resources on research integrity, including Reference documents; Guidelines and good practices; Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); Case studies and examples; Educational materials and webinars.
  • Discussion Forum - We'll foster a discussion forum where researchers can seek clarification on ethical dilemmas; Share experiences and concerns; Engage in constructive discussions around integrity.
  • Individual Support - We'll offer support (confidential, if required) to researchers facing difficulties related to research integrity. You can reach us through direct email and In-person meetings (upon request).


António Figueiredo is a former full professor of DEI, now retired but fully active as a member of CISUC. He chaired the Ethics and Deontology Council of the University of Aveiro in 2021/2022.

João Correia is an assistant professor at DEI and deputy director of CISUC. 

Naghmeh Ivaki is an assistant professor at DEI and co-coordinator of the PhD@DEI.


We encourage all researchers to actively engage with the RIAG.

Your participation is key to building a strong culture of research integrity within CISUC.

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Reference Documents

The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2023)

English version

Ethics Self-Assessment GUIDE for EU Grants (2021)

A set of guidelines established by the European Commission


Ethics Self-Assessment Guide for FCT Scientific Research and Technological Development Projects

A set of guidelines established by the Portuguese Foundation for Science And Technology



Beall’s List of Potential Predatory Scholarly Open‑Access Publishers. This is an anonymously maintained version of the original “Beall’s List of predatory scholarly open‑access publishers”, which was taken down in 2017 as a result of pressures put by some of the affected publishers on the University of Colorado, where it was maintained by Jeffrey Beall. This page provides additional links to pages that may help prospective authors find out whether the journals where they intend to publish are worthy of credit.

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