20th Oct 21

SIGDep 2021 Seminars - DEI - UC

Wednesday, Ocotober 20 - 13h


Regina Moraes (from CISUC, UC)


Title: Challenges on Anonymity, Privacy and Data Usefulness 

Abstract: Preserving individual privacy is one of the major issues in the context of Big Data, as while handling huge volumes of data, it is possible that sensitive or personally identifiable information ends up disclosed. In fact, even when dealing with anonymized raw data, sensitive information may be extracted through analytics. Preserving anonymity is particularly difficult because it should be done while allowing the analytics to produce useful insight about the data. K- Anonymity is a property for the measurement, management, and governance of the data anonymization. Many implementations of k-anonymity have been described in the state of the art, but most of them are not able to work with a large number of attributes that needs to be anonymized in a “Big” dataset. Moreover, K-anonymity needs to be traded-off against the usefulness of data. The goal is to discuss the tools, methodologies for data privacy protection with focus on anonymity that can cope with the challenges raised by Big Data and analytics processing, by finding a pseudo-optimal solution in a reasonable time over a considerable load of input, while preserving the usefulness and prevent loss of information.


Regina Moraes is Collaborating Professor and Researcher at University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil and Guest Full Professor at University of Coimbra (UC), Portugal. She has been involved in the research on dependable computing since 2002. She is currently the head of the Information Engineering and Systems Group of UNICAMP. Her research interest includes experimental dependability and security evaluation (including cloud environment and network), privacy solutions, fault injection and robustness testing. Regina Moraes has served on programme committees of Brazilian and Latino-American dependability conferences. She has participated in several national and international research projects including JiTClouds supported by RNP / CTIC, DEV ASSES, EuBra-BigSea, Atmosphere and Advance supported by EU. 

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