3rd Jan 24

Talk Ideas with André Almeida

Speaker: André Almeida

Date: 10th of January, 2024

Time: 4:00 pm

Place: Room G4.1

Presentation title: “Middleware for Digital Twins: Current Research, Challenges and Opportunities”

Short bio:

André Almeida holds the position of senior lecturer at IFRN (Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil). He was Director of Information Technology Management at IFRN for six years, leading a team with more than one hundred collaborators across different departments. His current work is mainly on the following topics: Middleware Platforms with an emphasis on platform interoperability, Cloud Computing and Digital Twins. He also works on several IT Projects, developing systems and platforms to improve management processes in public administration, in particular, to support evidence-based decision-making and the provision of digital public services.


Digital Twins (DTs) are becoming a groundbreaking concept to support Industry 4.0, but their potential reaches various other domains such as healthcare and smart cities. Several challenges arise to enable DTs, which require underlying middleware with advanced services to support the complexities of managing the virtual replicas of real-world entities. In this scenario, this talk aims to present which middleware strategies and technologies are used for DTs. We carried out a systematic mapping study that analyzed 13 primary studies on middleware for DTs. We shed light on the current state of the art and discuss research opportunities to evolve middleware to support DTs, especially regarding data management, integration, intelligence, management, and security.

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