Intelligent Systems Associate Laboratory (LASI)

The Intelligent Systems Associate Laboratory (LASI) is a reference laboratory for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Portugal. In 2021, LASI received the status of Associated Laboratory by the Portuguese National Science Foundation, becoming the first Portuguese Associated Lab. focused on Artificial Intelligence.

LASI integrates thirteen Research Units from eight Institutions geographically distributed throughout the country, namely: 2Ai, ALGORITMI, CISUC, CIBIT, LIACC, TEMA, CMUP, CTS, IPC, IEETA, UNIDEMI, CISTER, and GECAD. Two of these research units belong to the University of Coimbra: CISUC and CIBIT. CISUC is working within the LASI framework performing innovative research in the following Thematic Lines:

• Innovative and Sustainable Industries

• Smart Cities, Mobility and Energy

• Health and Well-being

• Infrastructures and Highly Connected Society

• Public Administration and Governance

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